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An Introduction to Workation in Uttarakhand

During this pandemic, where work from home has become the new norm, are you tired of being stuck inside the four walls of your home, sitting on the same couch, and following the same routine every day? There's good news for you. The only thing that can safely rescue you from this monotonous loop is Workation. It is a wonderful way to combine work and vacation and maintain a balance between professional and personal life.

In India, there are ample of best Workation destinations like Coorg, Goa, Bir, Nainital, Shimla, Chakrata, Kausani, Mussoorie, Wayanad, Srinagar, Assam, etc, which you can choose as your Workation destination.

If you live or work in Delhi or nearby Uttarakhand, then Workation in Uttarakhand is the best option for them.

Work from mountains

Why go to work in Uttarakhand?

A work desk set amidst the mountain valley

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand is blessed with India’s most beautiful locations. This state offers everybody from mesmerizing hill stations and mountains to beautiful lakes and rivers. The beauty and peace around the place will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Here you can begin your day with yoga or meditation in the pristine peaceful surrounding and experience the pleasant weather and fresh air around. The change of scenery, fresh Pahadi cuisine, and the panoramic views all around can make you more productive and help you break the monotony of staying at home for so long. Whenever you need a short break, you can go on small walks to the forest. And once you are done with your work, you can explore nearby destinations, immerse yourself in fun activities on weekends like hiking, camping, cultural programs, etc.

What can affect your Workation & how to deal with it

A man with laptop enjoying the magnificent view

Work is the first and primary part of Workation. If you do not work on your Workation then there is no meaning of Workation. Here are some barriers that you might face while working and how to deal with them.

  • Distractions: Working from these stunning locations it is natural for anyone to be distracted by the beauty of the place. You might find it hard to focus. So, to get away from distractions create a static work desk in your room or any other place. Establish a stable routine, if your routine is not fixed you will struggle to achieve all your targets.

  • Time Management: Time management is very important if you want to enjoy your Workation properly. If you are one of those who tend to get too excited with work, make sure you plan leisure activities for the afternoon or weekend days.

  • Stable internet connection: Without a stable network & internet connection you totally cut out with the outer world and it would badly affect your Workation trip. Make sure you have a stable high-speed network at your location, to continue working digitally.

  • Comfortable homestays: Your workplace should be comfortable and have all the essential facilities which help you to achieve your targets. If you are not comfortable at your workplace and not getting enough rest, you’ll find it difficult to focus on your work, making it difficult for your Workation to be successful. Your destination should be in a quiet location away from the chaos. So must do proper research before booking your stay.

Where can you go for workation in Uttarakhand?

tree house

Uttarakhand has plenty of locations for an ideal Workation. Let’s have a look at some of these.


Rishikesh is an amazing destination to attract yoga and meditation. Bunkstay is the ideal choice for those who seek to work in the divine Himalayas. This beautiful co-working space is just a 3-minute walk from Laxman Jhula. Bunkstay gives you an unobstructed view of Laxman Jhula, the holy river Ganga and the surrounding mountains. The breathtaking beauty of this place is ideal for long stays or Work from the Mountains.

sunset and workation in Rishikesh


Mussoorie is one of the best workation destinations in Uttarakhand. The tranquil environment, untouched villages and natural atmosphere is an ideal Workation destination. Here you can take homestays, 5-star resorts, hotels easily. Charming Cottage, a 3 bedroom home in Landour is perfect for a Workation. It has a dedicated workspace, free parking, wifi throughout the building, and a beautiful outdoor space. It is within walking distance of the Landour, so you’ll love this adorable abode.

Hidden homestay in Mussoorie


This lake district of India has several villages and towns that are resided at the lakeside. Most of these towns are way away from the hustle-bustle and noise. The accommodations around here are equipped with modern amenities, traditional and contemporary interior blends, and grants a jaw-dropping view of the lake & Himalayas, which helps you to focus on your work.

Homestay in nainital with a lake view


The uninterrupted atmosphere of Auli gives you the vibes to focus on work, and enjoy the calm and pleasant weather of Auli. You can go for short treks and explore the hidden and untouched trails around the place, and experience stargazing while camping under the stars at night. There are numerous budget-friendly hotels, resorts, cottages, homestays available here with all necessary amenities.

Peaceful homestay amidst snow-capped peaks


If you are craving to go into the hills, also you are too dependent on modern amenities and comfort, then Dehradun is the place that will suit you the best. With super-fast internet connectivity and proper workstation setup gives you the best place to work remotely. Even after work, or on weekends you can go to clubs, go to hilly drives to Mussoorie, visit to see historical buildings and try different activities.

luxurious homestay in Dehradun

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