About us

A project which was started to have fun while in college, starting from meetings on coffee houses to hosting 1200+ participants, we've a long way to go. :)

Our Story

The Beginning

The Tarzan Way started as a backpacking home-stay in New Delhi a couple years back.

We had loads of fun, parties and trips during that phase.

500 Travelers

Travel Experiences

Identity Crisis

We launched our travel experiences with our flagship program, Social Travel: North India.

As a backpacking home-stay, we used to host travelers as well as curate trips for our guests.

Over the time, we saw many travelers and it was a complete home-like environment.

As time passed, we hosted around 800 travelers, we started to see the gap in the industry and the lack of transparency in the industry.

We also started to realize so many problems a traveler faces while traveling in India.

We wanted to shift from hosting to experience-giving.

Planning 2.0

Back to the white-board, and meetings and figuring out the fate and identity of The Tarzan Way.

The process took months of meetings and discussions.


We came back with more passion and more energy than ever.


And that's how we shifted from The Tarzan House & a new journey The Tarzan Way began.


We envision to simplify travel and build immersive travel experiences.

Our Values

Interact | Innovate | Improve

  • We aim to create highly curated experiential travel programs.

  • We aim to instill leadership skills in the youth by opening them up to various traveling experiences.

  • We aim to build experiences for people who are unable to travel whether due to age, gender, financial conditions or disabilities.

  • We aim to bridge the cross-cultural gap among nations across the world.

  • We aim to build a transparent platform to provide support for personalized travel.

TTW Mission 2024 is to bring creativity in experiential travel and build a transparent platform providing personalized travel.



Our Team

"I have an idea" guy,

Co-Founder and CEO, TTW

Always with innovative ideas and plans to bring in the company. He loves his work more than anything, and spends most of his time with the team or playing his piano.

Enjoys travelling to remote areas, learning about cultures, reading and adventure sports.

Aryen Negi

Shivaank Tripathi

"No shit, Get the work done" guy

Co-Founder and COO, TTW

Spends time building strategies, and executing the plans. Always ready before time. 

A foodie, who loves reading fiction and watching TV-series. (Get him a waffle and he'll be impressed.)

"Let me think of a solution" guy

Backend Developer, TTW

A passionate coder, you can often find him hunched over a laptop with a cup of coffee testing a new algorithm or writing new lines of code. 

You can have endless conversations with him about everything from space, Dan Brown novels, human psychology and so on.

Shikhar Chadha

The Tarzan Way

What makes us different?

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