About Us

What started as a way to do something during college turned into a venture to revolutionize the travel industry by becoming a travel buddy for every traveler.

Celebrating the uniqueness of every traveler and recognizing their independent needs, we took a step forward by proffering authentic, immersive and personalized travel experience to globetrotters around the world.

The Beginning

The Tarzan Way started as a backpacking home-stay in New Delhi a couple of years back.

During that phase clients turned into friends and friends turned into family. We planned a number of trips, parties and made a lot of memories.

Reaching 500 Travelers

As a backpacking home-stay with a strong and positive review, we started hosting travelers as well as curating personalized trips for our guests.

The homely experience away from home was just what the guests needed and we reached a happy 500 travelers in no time!

Introducing Travel Experiences

We established ourselves when we launched our flagship travel experience program, Social Travel: North India.

By understanding the guests that we hosted and their problems we created such travel experiences with the sea of choices provided, this was our biggest success and provided an impetus to understand the market.

Identity Crisis

Our aim had always been catering to the travel needs of travelers who want to explore India but we saw a huge problem in the travel industry that our travelers were facing.

We realized that there is a gap in the travel industry with the lack of personalization, unique & culturally immersive experiences, transparency in costs, and biased or misinformation making traveling in India a cumbersome process.

Starting from Scratch

We started the long process of brainstorming to determine who we are, and, what is it we are going to represent to give a traveler the best experience possible.

The months-long process, aided by our sheer determination and cups of coffee, helped us to come up with a spirited strategy to become a travel friend to every traveler. We want to become a local buddy to every traveler who wants to explore the majestic land of India.

Our Solution

We started anew with more passion and more energy than ever to build such a solution for travelers.

We found that travelers need a one-stop solution for their travel needs where they can get all the information possible in terms of guides, personalize their own experience as per their style, book everything in one click, and enjoy 24/7 live support while they travel.

Here we are now

The pandemic disrupted the travel industry and many small businesses closing shops, we had to improvise fast and we had to improvise smartly. Instead of waiting out the pandemic, we thought of innovative ideas of making travel safe by introducing our signature Caravan experience and a touchless experience for all our partners.

We are currently in the process of launching our one-stop solution to anything travel, a platform where you can know anything and everything there is to know about traveling in India.

Our Vision

Innovating and simplifying travel through:



All bookings

in one click


live support

Our Mission

We aim to create highly curated experiential travel programs.

We aim to instill leadership skills in the youth by opening them up to various traveling experiences.

We aim to bridge the cross-cultural gap among nations across the world.

We aim to build experiences for people who are unable to travel whether due to age, gender, financial conditions, or disabilities.

We aim to build a transparent platform to provide support for personalized travel.

Fast Facts


Experiences curated


Villages Empowered


Local Partners

Our Values


We aim to create a highly intelligent and user-friendly platform that helps every traveler to understand, plan, and book a travel experience and interact with fellow travelers and guides.

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