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Work from home redefined

An Introduction to Workcation

“Workcation” (noun) - The act of working while on a vacation to feed your wanderlust and enjoy your work life.

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A 4+ weeks, immersive travel experience covering 16+ locations all across North India while participating in volunteer work along with a lot of adventurous activities. With meaningful insight into the Indian culture and traditions and celebration of the cultural diversity and vibrancy of this land this experience is a must for every traveler.

The visitors will gain on-field experience about the social work aimed at upliftment of socially backward groups particularly women and girls.

In this 2-week experiential and volunteering program explore the monuments, heritage sites of Delhi and Agra, and, witness the diversified culture of Delhi.

Indulge yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime experience of tribal life at the Bishnoi Village. This mesmerizing desert oasis experience is a lot more than a natural retreat. Losing yourself in the safari, making a lot of new friends in the villagers, understanding village life. Best of all, you can try your artistry in pot-making, carpet-weaving, and other fascinating activities.

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In addition to providing worry-free travel as regards health concerns, The Tarzan Way does a complete surrender to nature along with teaching reasonable self-dependency, isolationist travel aligns nicely with responsible tourism.

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